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An excellent creative design is actually implementing a marketing strategy or describing a brand story. We believe that the first factor should be considered in this story is that brand stories must resonate with participants in order to enhance brand awareness and reputation.
We utilize professional knowledge to enhance your product and company's brand image. Our creative team employs strategy and design to implement brand communication and spread the brand.

Brand Identity

Brand image is the expression of the brand's vision and culture. We have considerable experience in all stages of brand awareness, including: brand strategy, brand prospection, visual identity, and open online and offline communication channels for branding.

Brand Attraction

Nowadays, corporate introductions, websites, and shows have become effective ways to exhibiting brand image.


We focus on event planning and social media promotion, and we can bring a full range of brand communication!
We turn heads with our creative expertise.Simply speaking, you have two broad ways to express your business - with your Brand Identity and through Brand Engagement. Our award-winning creative team combine great ideas with stylish implementation,to really express your personality and communicate your brand.

Brand Engagement

The brand image created by experiencing products and services is the cornerstone of sustainable management. If the experience is not good, the brand will fail. We always guarantee the value output of the brand image in the most effective and creative way.

Cultural Charm

Corporate culture is a vital part of the brand's communication. We use creative thinking to arrange exhibiting, focus on every detail, and satisfy all the needs of our customers with the most perfect solution!


“Brand image is the tip of the iceberg of brand value”, which is of great significance,because it is the first visual sense that affects people on brand image. Therefore, we will put your Logo throughout all exhibiting and events.
It is precisely because we have six subsidiaries and twelve creative centers around the world, so that every JS's employee is given the ability to activate the brand. Our employees have a range of talents, including strategic planning, creative design, fabrication, on-site execution, logistics and warehousing, service maintenance and other fields.
In addition, we have the natural advantages of global design, management and execution, and we serve customers in more than 150 countries and regions. All customers enjoy the same comprehensive one-stop service at both domestic and international exhibitions. At the same time, our network of partners has been extended to the world.

We understand how important it is to create an extraordinary brand impression. Interactive product solutions are the optimal vehicle for your brand's needs and expectations. By combining touch, gestures and augmented reality elements, we ensure that your customers will not only simply watch the product, but also experience on the brand value through the product.

Why do you want an interactive product display?
To recall how many times you have stayed at a nearly perfect booth when you attended a trade show. You think about it which attracted more people。A single exhibit or interactive exhibit? An interactive exhibit is the best guarantee of attracting the largest number of people to come to your booth, which is why customers like to gather on the booth with interactive product experience.

Digital communication

If you want to create a sensational inbound effect on spot during trade show, you need the target visitor to deeply understand the cultural connotation of your enterprise. And to do that, whether it's video, email or PR editorials, it takes your audience to resonate inside your booth.
It is not so much a conservative statement that we live in the digital age – it is the most direct platform for penetrating our daily lives and participating in our brands. And, most importantly, the contact of the numbers is measurable. With our digital team, we can ensure that your brand can be expand online and offline in every way, and improve your brand presence.

Digital Convergence

With the rapid development of technology, the need for strong creativity is the eternal theme of display. Our team gradually landed these creative ideas in front of the audience.

From now on, do you want your brand to be brilliant on the exhibiting and be remembered? Do you want to arouse the interest of potential customers who have just come from the boring exhibiting area? If they get some unique information from your booth, then these potential customers will be more likely to call you next week to ask you to discuss business cooperation.
Your interactive booth will therefore be more visible than other brands, allowing people to stay on your booth. Although the cost will increase in a short period of time, it is certainly worth a try. Imagine that if you don't have these interactive experiences on your booth, your booth could be ignored and packed with unrelated people. If your booth has game interaction and interactive product demonstrations, it is destined to be more compelling and will allow visitors to stay long.

New Digital Technology
The utilization of digital technology and new multimedia interactive experience in your brand presentation will make your brand more experienced than any other company. People are always drawn to the latest display technology and industry trends. When you use a new technology presentation in your brand, people tends to be eye-catching and quickly form a brand memory. Because people are not attracted to an outdated company.

Give Visitors an Interest
During the exhibiting, everyone liked the interactive presentation because they had spent a day listening to product information and reading related materials, and they wanted to have several interesting product presentation forms, and they would find interactive immersive displays more exciting than dry, tedious, static displays. If they see other people having fun, they naturally want to go to that booth and get to the bottom of it, because they don't want to miss out on any interesting products.

Let Customers Understand of Products Deeply
An interactive presentation is the perfect choice for your products, articulating its selling point, distinguishing the advantages of homogenous products, and making people willing to cooperate with your company. It can allow visitors to intuitively feel the charm of the product, rather than simply listening to your unilateral information indoctrination, but with the consumer to establish an interactive dimension. To provide customers with a real physical environment immersion roaming space, and increase customer loyalty to the brand by breaking through the volume constraints of product entity display,
If you want to attract crowds at trade show, bring an inbound effect to your exhibition and display and make your audience interested in your brand. Try to be bold and innovative in the form of your exhibiting, through the fascinating space to show wisdom, and take the audience "into" your space. Please contact our JustSpread team immediately and we all look forward to your wonderful performances to let the whole world eye-opener!