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JS Exhibition is a live communication company dedicated to full value chain of exhibiting services worldwide. We serve for trade show, showroom, theme exhibition hall, interactive branding, franchised store, roadshows, conference, launch meeting, advertising promotions. At the same time, we utilize our state of the art DR tour technology to provide solutions for online Digital Realistic display space. Our companies and creative centers around the world serve your brand in more than 150 countries and regions, presenting your brand and product ideas to people, enhancing your brand awareness and attraction.


We firmly believe that extraordinary results are the result of efforts by extraordinary people. Attracting a group of the most talented and passionate people is only the first step we take, and the secret is our culture. Our extraordinary people look at things from different angles and freely explore the impossible.

  • Andrew Woods
    Vice president
    JS Great China
    As a distinguished leader, from the beginning of 2009, Andrew Woods' performance has maintained a 20% annual growth rate. Andrew Woods' team serves a number of Fortune 500 companies, and almost all customers give high quality, excellent service and quick response. He never let a client down. After graduating from the MBA in the UK, Andrew is qualified as an architect. He understands that every project is linked to brand communication and makes each project a classic building. His talents have played a vital role in the experience of a wealth of several World Expos.
  • Rodel Reyes
    Project Management
    JS UAE
    Rodel Reyes is one of our outstanding project management. He has a strong sense of responsibility and with challenging and service passion and has a good self-learning, teamwork and collaboration spirit. Rodel always meets the needs and satisfies customers, and his imaginative thinking saves customers tremendous costs. With a good communication and coordination ability, Rodel has abundant experience in dealing with unexpected situations on the spot. His control over the details will also make the progress of the project ahead of schedule.
  • Zhiwei Xie
    Director of Engneering
    JS China
    Zhiwei Xie has been working diligently for 22 years. He manages the engineering department of our Chinese company. He always finds a workable way if needed. His passion for work made “impossible” and “unreachable” possible; He faced the challenge directly, and he left a deep impression on the engineering team that most engineers often asked to redesign the artwork... and his decision is to utilize every possibility to ensure that ideas and designs are realized.
  • Jose Solorzane
    Account Executive
    JS US
    As a rising star of the customer department, Jose Solorzane has the innate service ability. He uses plentiful mails to contact customers to understand the customer's brand, products and needs on every trade show; He will go to the on-site to visit customers and collect information to master the dynamic development of the industry and products. He will work with designers to develop creative strategies so that each design can be the highlight of trade show. His clients always comment on him like this: "Jose knows our products and brands best"

Our global success and rapid development secrets are due to our cultural tolerance, which attracts passionate, visionary, thoughtful and team-oriented people. Through our talent development program, we will design future workplace plans for our employees. To help them grow and become a core member of our team.

We care for and respect everyone and provide them with a decent working environment. The trust of our employees is the foundation of our successful development, and this will play a greater role in our future performance.

I am a great master in the field of exhibiting
I am a designer, engineer and dreamer.
With the mission of our customers' preferred partners and the industry's preferred employers, JS Exhibition is committed to providing high quality, efficiency and high standards of our service. We strictly control the quality of each service link so that we can achieve sustainable growth and healthy development; we take the initiative to undertake corporate social responsibility, to forge a brand with innovation and development and quality-oriented temper.
Each branch of JS Exhibition is determined to make our services and products to exceed customer expectations, and we are constantly improving our capabilities to fulfill our mission. Our subsidiaries have obtained industry certifications for quality, environmental management and other professional fields.